The sounds of ancient thundering war drums and skirling bagpipes like you’ve never heard before. Tribal warrior music at its best, the warrior music lives on through a new generation.  Viking. Pagan. Druid. Celt. Moor. Mongol. Sindhu. Satyr. Mystic. Raider. Lover. Fighter. Like a boot to the head: a thunderous crack with ringing demonic harmonies. Music for the warrior in all of us. The Old Ways are Back. The long boat is here. The wolves are loose.  The bagpipes will be used as an instrument of War once again...

Cu Dubh / Koo-Doo / or /Koo-Dove/ -  Brought to you by musicians who have dedicated their entire lives to the study and performance of ancient music. Mike McNutt, David Macejka (performed on 2012 Grammy nominated recording)  and a variety of select performers have brought together their personal influences to create dark original compositions played on the Highland Bagpipes and a barrage of drums from around the world. Influences from the Highlands of Scotland, Gaul, Galicia, Norway, Britney, Ireland, Wales, Germany, India, Arabia, Africa, and beyond, they call back the ancient tribes in all of us. The pulse is throbbing, the blood is screaming and the battle is good...

Cu Dubh has also partnered with Mid East Mfg and is featured in the Mid East Mfg Summer Catalogue. They have a ton of great instruments from around the world, just check out their e-catalogue.  Also you can get $10 off an order of $50 or more at their website by enering the promo code CUDUBH-OCT312013...Come bring a blowing horn to help start of one of our shows!!!...A little gift from Cu Dubh to you!

Cu Dubh is happy to announce a partnership with “Cu Dhub” a Black Single Malt Scotch Whiskey - created, owned and marketed by Danish Viking Descendants. Much like the music, this whiskey is non-traditional, dark and unusual. It’s essence is born in a Scottish distillery matured and bottled in Scotland... The smell of  burnt wood and tobacco conjures images of burning Long Boats. The swirling taste of licorice and vanilla flavors adds some sweetness, like awakening with Freyja on a bed of furs after a long battle was won. Keep an eye out for some tastings at select performances where we will all raise a glass together to the ancestors...KOO DOOOOOOOO!!!

We have FOUR new cd’s to offer right now and another DVD coming soon. As of now they are ONLY available at our shows so come on out and say hello!!!


We have new T-Shirts in limited supply. We have both Men’s and Women’s. We only have Black Short Sleeve with our new album cover on it and the back says “Heavy Metal Bagpipes”

More info on limited availability coming soon!!!


Our friends at Ogham Art have helped design a necklace blending the early Medieval “Celtic Tree Language” on one side with the translation “Cu Dubh” on the other. Sturdy enough to wear into battle or a mosh pit. Click on image to purchase.

Ogham Vinyl Bumper Sticker

  Our friends at Ogham Art have helped design a bumper sticker that combines the ancient Ogham language with our logo!!

Click on the pic to order!

We are pleased to welcome Petite Jamilla from the Bellydance Superstars to our roster as a Bagpiper and dancer at select shows!

Here she is performing with Issam Housain and Kami Liddle at a Bellydance Superstars Show

International Wine and Spirits is the US Distributor.  They are who your local liquor store or Bar /Restaurant would contact to get it in stock. Click HERE for an international list of distributors.


  Now we have our own mead (Metheglin) that you can try out. It has hints of cinnamon and vanilla as well as some other notes. A great drink to fill your horn with!! Thanks to Royal Manor Winery for making it, you can get it right from them!